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WECON 10.2 inch cost efficient hmi touch panel

WECON 10.2 inch cost efficient hmi touch panel

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WECON is a professional high-tech company engaged in researching, developing and marketing of Automation products,such as touch screens,PLCs,etc. Established in 2004, WECON has been specialized in Human Machine Interface (HMI) products R.D.Wecon producing LEVI series of industrial man-machine interface products, has made a number of hardware and software intellectual property rights, WECON Touch Screens are widely used in machinery and equipment, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil and other industries. We offer WECON Touch Screens at a complete lines. Any types of touch screens can be customized by us according to your requirements.

OS: Linux QT

CPU: Cortex A8  600MHz

Touch Screen: High precision four-wire resistive

Resolution: 800*480

Brightness: 300 cd/m2

Contract: 500:1

Backlight: LED

Backlight Life: 50,000 Hours

Color: 260k colors (18bit)

Flash: 128MB


SD Card: Compatible

USB Host: USB 2.0 x 1

USB Client: USB 2.0 x 1

Power Supply: 24V DC(12~28V DC)

Interface:  RS232 / RS485 / RS422 (5 COM ports available) 


1. We will ship the items within 5 working days after the payment is Reached.

2. We can ship to you by DHL / TNT // EMS / ... Pls contact us Directly and we will ship as your requirement. As a shipping cost, some Countries or Particular remote areas, the shipping cost need to be discussed. Some countries like Russian Federation, EMS is the only shipping method.

3. Please confirm your address after you bid the item.


1. Q: What's the guarantee for industrial panel pc?

    A: Wecon industrial touch screen panel pc Provide 18 months guarantee of repairing. Normally, we will take the method of changing a component or parts, after we find out the problem.

2. Q: Could Wecon Provide technology support?

    A: If there's any problems, please contact with us, we'll Provide suggestion from our engineer to help you solve the problem. 

3. Q: Does Wecon keeps goods in stock or only trading?

    A: We have large warehouse for goods. Keep lots of goods in warehouse, so could promise fast delivery.

 Feedback & Contact US   

1. When you satisfied with our product and services please leave us positive feedback.

2. If the issue Occurs, Immediately contact us with any email request.

3. Just contact us using the "Ask the seller a question" link on eBay.


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