Cantoni Group

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Since almost a century the Cantoni Group has been known worldwide as the leader in manufacturing and supplying electric motors, components and tools.

Cantoni Group

Thanks to the entrepreneurial commitment and great talent, the founder of the Group Proff. Giampiero Cantoni created diversified Group Enterprise that has gained outstanding success on the Domestic and International markets placing it among the most important European manufacturers.

As a family owned Group of companies we treasure old partnerships that have been maintained for many decades and constantly develop individual approach to customer needs that has always been our main value on which we build our experience.

Good business relationships with customers, high quality, research and innovations are the cornerstones of the Group philosophy and sales’ strategy.

Cantoni Group has an extremely broad knowledge of manufacturing and is intensively focused on quality and technical development of all facilities: Besel, Celma Indukta and Emit (producing electric motors), Ema-Elfa (brakes producer) and Fana, Fenes, Formit and Narmod (producing tools). Whole range of production guarantee high performance and big reliability even in the most demanding applications.

Cantoni Motor coordinates the sales and purchasing for the whole Group. International Sales Office operates from the headquarters in Cieszyn, Poland. We provide complete customer service from offer submission until the shipment, after sale service and full technical support.

Thanks to the flexible organization our technical and sales team is able to face all requirements of modern markets immediately and pay the maximum attention to the realization of the most challenging projects.

We constantly develop our presence on new markets and we are open for cooperation. You are welcome to become our partner, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Cantoni Group