Advanced robotization of automotive components production in Polmo SA

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Polmo SA / Wasiak Gruppe has a long tradition in the Polish automotive components market. Its Board of Directors, facing increasing quality requirements set by clients, has decided to invest in complex robotization and automation for a welding line of compressed air tanks, which are the basis of wide range of Polmo products.

Advanced robotization of automotive components production in Polmo SA

From the business perspective, the investment’s goal was to increase the production output - the first plan was to produce 55,000 compressed air tanks annually on this line. From the engineering point of view, this project’s aim was to ensure repeatable, B class highest welding quality.

Welding - the key process in the production of compressed air tanks - is a very demanding process, technologically and organizationally, mainly because of limited availability of qualified welders, whose job is additionally restricted by strict regulations concerning welders’ qualifications and healthcare.

ASTOR Green Welding line is supported by 5 robots, which fulfill the process of welding and cleaning the welds. The whole tank production process is automated. The line operators deliver half-finished products for the welding process and deliver the finished products for testing. This production line can work 24 hours a day.

Robotized welding enabled full control over the process and final product cost optimization.

Robotized and automated solutions for compressed tanks production in Polmo fits in the Industry 4.0 idea, because it empowers in full control - thanks to overall production data integration, tracking the whole production process and gathering the process data concerning every single product. It autonomizes the compressed tanks production cell thanks to modern Kawasaki robots.

Robotization has enabled continuous product quality improvement and production effectiveness growth, as well as contributed to increase the credibility of the company in the eyes of foreign contractors, which is confirmed by Marek Wasiak, CEO at Polmo SA / Wasiak Gruppe. “Robotization ensures high quality of products and optimizes product cost. It makes winning contracts easier for us”. The modernization has made the work easier for the operators, motivated them to broaden their professional skills and ensured keeping the safety standards at the same time.